Drew Designs, LTD. - Very Poor Service and Misleading

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My mother need a few accessories for her family room. She hired Nancy Drew of Drew Designs, LTD to do the work.

Nancy Drew promised that she could have the family room ready by the holidays and would give the space a 'unique flair.'

$2,000 dollars later, all my mother had to show for the money she spent was a few picture frames, pillows, and throw rugs.

I called Nancy Drew to get the itemized receipts. After several phone calls, she finally got back to me. When she faxed me the receipts, I couldn't believe it! Everything that she purchased came from Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Target. TARGET!!! She then tacked on an extra $400 dollars for design fees.

Why would anyone pay a designer to shop at Target! She promised my mother a unique and custom design. Instead, she charged her $95 per hour to shop at a discount store.

If you choose to do business with Nancy Drew of Drew Designs, LTD, I suggest you get everything in writing first and only pay for services after they have been completed. Don't let her put you in the same situation as she did to my mother.

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